Special trips

Looking to explore special features of the country more in depth? Pathways Guatemala Tours has scheduled 3 to 7 days trips on the lost interesting, meaningful and emblematic features of Guatemala to make you part of it. From food tasting and seasonal growing of local crops, to art festivals, historical commemoration events and religious festivities (not only Christian but Mayan too).

Nature also gives us opportunity to appreciate it through different experiences involving plants and wildlife, native and migratory species, as well as conservation and rescue centres. After all Guatemala is one of the 19 megadiverse countries in the World! If you’re up for a group trip, then check out the calendar for available dates and book as soon as possible! For a private tour just contact us to arrange the date of your preference.

Available all year round

Historical Memory Walk (war and peace process)

Food & Villages

Land of Coffee

Undiscovered Wildlife

Seasonal trips

The Holy Week Route

Dead & All Saints Festival

Jungle Camping Adventure